Month: September 2020

Angeles National Forest/San Bernardino National Forest

What a trip!  Angeles National Forest, Angeles Crest Highway, San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear Lake, Rim of the World Highway and more is some fantastic riding with awesome views. These places are pretty popular and well-known, for good reason. At least on the San Bernardino side, it’s pretty well known for both summer and winter outdoor recreation, and stays pretty busy all year long because of that. Great hiking, water sports, biking, skiing/snowboarding, it’s got it all outdoors. The Angeles National Forest side isn’t quite the same, being more relaxed with less attractions, and the vehicle traffic reflects that. It’s generally nice and cool when surrounding temps aren’t, and the roads are pretty well maintained. I made this a 2-day trip, but you can definitely spend more time around the area. It’s worth it if you do! (more…)