Pioneer Saloon

If you’re looking for a place to ride in the area to a spot that is both a decent ride and has great food, Pioneer Saloon is probably the top recommendation. Pioneer Saloon is located a little south of Las Vegas in the small town of Goodsprings, Nevada. The Saloon was built in 1913, and it gives off every bit of the Wild West vibe from that era. They’ve got the original tin siding, a fireplace, walls lined with liquor barrels, and I’m not sure if it’s the original woodwork and interior but it sure looks like it. They have live music sometimes, and the location itself lends the wild west feel that this establishment amplifies. And then there’s the food! The food is delicious. They have great breakfast, and some of the best BBQ around. You won’t be disappointed with the food, this place is well worth the trip even if you don’t eat here.


Ride Description: This one’s pretty easy, you’re just heading south until you hit Jean, NV, and then from there heading West into the town of Goodsprings. It’s pretty flat, very straight, and there’s not a whole lot to see. This is one ride to just sit back and cruise, or try for some speed runs if you’re into that.


Riding Tips: Not really much to say here. Sometimes this route can be pretty dusty or have some pebbles/rocks in the road, so just watch out for that. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple ride.


Recommendations: It gets pretty hot in the summer, so just make sure you’re drinking enough. There are two things on the way that you should stop and see if you haven’t before: the Seven Magic Mountains and the Terrible Herbst gas station in Jean. The Seven Magic Mountains is large-scale public art installation, produced by the Nevada Museum of Art and is the work of artist Ugo Rondinone. It is comprised of 7 towers of colorful, stacked boulders standing more than 30 feet high. It was originally put on display in 2016, and while it was originally set to be taken down in 2018, it now has an extension through 2021 because of the popularity. It’s pretty neat, something worth stopping to see. The Terrible Herbst in Jean is also pretty neat, if you have to stop for gas anyway this is definitely the place to do it. There’s a bunch of odd stuff on the inside, and it’s very large.


The Route: You’re going to head to Jean, Nevada. You can either take Las Vegas Boulevard all the way down, or take Route 15 down to Jean. I prefer to take Las Vegas Boulevard unless I’m just trying to get there fast, it’s a little more interesting depending on the crowd you have. Either way you take, you’re going to head west down Goodsprings Road from Jean, NV. A few miles down the road you’ll hit the town of Goodsprings, and Pioneer Saloon is right at the entrance to the town.


Here’s the link to the route:



I don’t have too many photos from this place besides the cover photo for this post, but here’s one from the parking lot in the back of Pioneer, and from the very large Terrible Herbst in Jean:



If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Ride safe!

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