Where to Buy Gear

I’m in the Las Vegas area, so this post is based on that, but you can substitute the local spots for whatever you have around you. Local places are usually better, as you’re able to try things on and get help without having to ship things and wait. Wherever you get it, make sure you get what you want, and most importantly, make sure it fits. Here are a couple good places:


  • Cycle Gear – One of the few local spots. Buying in-store is easy for sizes and returns, trying things on that you’re going to be wearing for hundreds of hours is a huge bonus. The current employees at the local store aren’t pushy, but really helpful, and typically don’t push you into buying something more expensive just because it’s on their shelves. They have a 10% military discount, their return policy is AWESOME (30 days in writing, and they may accept much longer than that. No matter how much you wear it, as long as it isn’t visibly damaged you can get full money back. Obviously they take anything with a manufacturing defect for exchange), and they can order anything they carry to the store. They also have a used section due to this, some MASSIVE savings can be found, especially if you don’t care about colors.
  • Revzilla – Probably the biggest online store, go here first for customer reviews. You get some “Zillacash” rewards for every purchase. They’re great with returns too, though you do have to pay postage back. They’re really helpful about sizing, if you have any worries just call them up and they’ll recommend a size.
  • Sportbike Track Gear – Awesome dude, you also get rewards just like Revzilla. Actually pretty similar to Revzilla in most areas, which is a good thing. Great one-piece track suit (STG Privateer) here for $400 as of ~June 2019. Brian Van and Revzilla are the two best gear review sites, so buy from him if his review video helped you make your decision. He’s also a rider, and I believe he raced for a while (or still does? I dunno).
  • Fortnine – Good spot to buy gear from too if you’re in Canada.
  • Dealerships – Only buy from dealerships if you have looked at the above places, have read reviews on the gear you’re buying, and you know you’re getting a good deal. Or if you worked a deal out when making a bike purchase. Dealerships tend to be really pushy with gear, so don’t just buy anything they suggest. However, if you’re buying a bike, you have a couple options: you can ask for a couple hundred dollars of in-store credit to buy gear, or you can ask to buy any gear at their cost. They may not always bite, but if you’re decent at negotiating, most dealerships won’t be too against this. You should ALWAYS push for it if you need gear. And if you do work out a deal, make sure you get what you want, not just something they have in stock or on sale. And make sure it fits!


There are other places, I’m not saying these are the only places, these are probably just the most popular. There are great smaller shops around, so definitely get a deal where you can get it! On top of that, supporting local businesses is always a good thing.


If you have anything more to add let me know!


Be safe out there, and ride your own ride.

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