Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park has some of the most amazing rock formations you’ll see around Vegas. The name of this place certainly holds up, as much of the rock in the park is the reddest red I’ve seen on a rock. The park isn’t that big, but it’s definitely a fun ride through there, and there are a lot of trails and spots to hike. There’s a few areas where you can set up camp, and they have campsites as well. The roads are pretty undulating, there are a bunch of blind corners and hills that you can’t see over. It’s very scenic, and it will have you looking around a lot, so take it slow to enjoy everything. It’s not a very long ride inside the park, but you can spend as much time as you want stopping at various locations inside there. It’s $10 to enter the park (or was at the time of writing this).

Riding Tips: The speed limit in the park is 35mph, and even that is a little too quick for some turns in the park if you’ve never been there before. Seriously, if it’s your first time, take it easy and enjoy the scenery. There have been countless numbers of bikes go down in this park, and bloody helicopter rides aren’t uncommon. The turns can be sharp and blind, there tends to be gravel in a bunch of places, vehicles are pulling in and out of random places, and there are a lot of bighorn sheep that live in that area that aren’t afraid to cross the road. On Mouse’s Tank Rd, there are some low spots in the road where water crosses that aren’t easy on the suspension and build up gravel, so take it slow across those too.

Recommendations: As with most tourist spots, this place can get pretty full at peak times. I’d suggest going as early as you can, because when it’s full up there it can be frustrating (just like most places I guess).

The Ride: The route I like starts at the Shell gas station on Lake Mead Blvd at the foot of the first hills you’ll cross on the way through Lake Meade. I always stop and get gas here because even the shortest gas-range bikes will be able to make it all the way through the park without worry if they fill up here. Alternatively, you could go up to Overton and get gas there and double back through the park, it’s a nice place to stop to eat also. Anyway, from the Shell you’ll get to the Lake Meade park entrance where you’ll have to pay a few dollars if you don’t have a pass. When the road gets to the “T” intersection, hang a left. From there it’s just a straight shot through Lake Meade, which is a nice ride. That road snakes along the north side of Lake Meade, and you won’t have any trouble navigating the turns on the road there. On the Google route I have a stop at the Redstone Trailhead, that’s the best place to stop if you want a bathroom break or just to stretch your legs. Beyond that, head up to Valley of Fire, stop at the Visitor’s Center, ride up to the White Domes trailhead, double back and continue through the park on the way out to 15. Just before you leave the park, the Beehives are on your left side, that’s a pretty cool rock formation. There’s a gas station at the end of the road right before you get on 15, depending on your gas range and where you’re going in the city, fueling up there should get you back to wherever you’re going. Here’s the link to the route:




If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Be safe out there, and ride your own ride!

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