Red Rock Scenic Loop

Red Rock Canyon is a place I know well. I’ve been here many, many times, and it’s fun every time. This is probably the closest ride around Las Vegas, and it’s a great one-way 13-mile loop. It’s real scenic, the roads are usually very clean and good, there are some nice curves inside the loop, and it’s a great place for people to learn and get the hang of some turns. Speed in here at your own risk though, there are a couple things to watch out for. Rangers are the first one; they generally don’t have patience with bikes flying through there and do sit inside sometimes, but they have also been know to time people through the loop. They’ll sit at the entrance, watch some bikes go in and note the time, then move over to the exit and wait for them. If it’s faster than around 20 minutes (you can do that math if you wanna know exactly) then they know you were exceeding the 35mph limit. If you see a Ranger at the entrance, it’s best to stop in the middle somewhere and take a 5-10 minute break. You also have to worry about other cars, people running/walking, and cyclists. Other cars are pretty easy to avoid, the road is one-way and pretty wide. Cyclists you have to be a little careful, sometimes they hug the inside of corners as we tend to do, and you might not see them if you’re coming around a corner. I’ve also had instances where there was a large group and they were literally blocking the whole road, do what you think is appropriate if that happens. People running/walking/walking dogs is probably what you have to watch for the most; they are pretty good about sticking to the sides of the road, but there are a lot of blind corners in the loop. There is also one decreasing radius corner inside, just past the White Rock Trailhead, so be careful of that if it’s your first time through. It’s taken the bikes of many, here’s one last year I was riding with:

Dude was alright for the most part, but took a solid 60-ft roll through the desert, ripped up his pants, arms, and legs, and sliced his scrotum open. Wasn’t pretty.


Best time to go in the summer is before anyone else; if you go at like 0700-0800, there shouldn’t be an absurd amount of people, plus it’s not super hot yet. Cyclists/runners do tend to have the same mentality, so just keep an eye out on the weekends.


I’m not going to spend time going over this route, it’s too easy, so I’ll just link the Google Maps route:


I’ve got more pictures than I know what to do with, so here are a few:

If you have any questions or think I should add something let me know, otherwise be safe out there, and ride your own ride!


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