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YouTube is an awesome place to learn from. In recent years there has been a lot of great content created there, with some real smart people jumping into the site. There are a lot of things that can’t be conveyed well in any format other than video. You have to be careful though, as anyone can put things on the internet; as always, it’s best not to follow and take advice from only one place. Subscribe to these dudes below, check back every couple days and learn some new stuff.

Sportbike Track Gear – Gear reviews and helpful videos. Brian Van seems like a really cool guy, and he gives you his honest opinion about the stuff he sells. I really like that he actually wears the stuff in his videos, and then takes it off and takes it apart so you can the in and out of all the gear. He’s also got a few videos on some track bike builds and some other general motorcycle stuff. Really good about responding to questions in comments.

Revzilla – Gear reviews for just about every piece of gear they sell. Tons of helpful videos on proper fitment, wear, and sizing. I like that they always actually wear the gear so you can see how it looks on a person. They’re also very good about responding to questions in comments.

Fortnine – Gear reviews and tons of helpful vids on miscellaneous riding stuff. High production value! I like that a lot of his videos are teaching about reasoning behind certain things, not only talking about the gear itself, which allows you to make a better decision.

Life at Lean – Awesome track riding instructional videos. Even if you’re not riding track most of his videos are super helpful. He is not an actual instructor at all, just another rider learning to ride, and he’s great at breaking things down in order for the average guy to understand.

CanyonChasers Motorcycle Adventure, Sport and Touring – Long name, really helpful videos for riding, maintenance and general info.

MCrider – Riding instructional videos as well as general bike info and opinions on some stuff.

Ride Like a Champion – Yamaha Champions Riding School’s channel, Nick Ienastch is the man. Though most of these videos tend to be tailored towards track riders on the surface, what YCRS teach is really helpful no matter what type of bike you ride. They have a way of explaining things and using visuals for assistance that really drive the point home.

MotoJitsu – Great info on riding, this guy knows how to break things down real well. Some of his videos are a little long, but there’s good information and demonstrations to fill the time. He’s good with a paper and pen too, drawing out some things he’s explaining to make it easier to understand.

Dave Moss Tuning – A suspension tuning god, his channel is all about helping you with suspension. He’s got some other bike maintenance videos too.

MCN – – Bike reviews for the most part.

44 Teeth – Bike reviews and other shenanigans. These are good dudes, and their reviews are typically more relaxed and informal than some of these other big-name channels.

Motorcyclist Magazine – Bike reviews and tons of helpful vids, the vids with Ari and Zack are better than the new guy (they’re gone now).

Bike World – Mostly bike reviews.

BiliBeanMoto – No good reason to list this channel other than to say I love her.


There it is, a decent list to get you started. There are a ton more channels, a lot of motovloggers out there too for you to go and get different perspective and ideas. But again, don’t just latch on to one person. If you think another channel should be on this list, let me know!

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