Month: December 2015

Camera Upgrade (D7000 to D7200)

After four years, I finally found a time I was able to upgrade my camera. I have been shooting with a Nikon D7000 since I started in the hobby, and it’s been great to me. It’s what I learned on, I have traveled all over the world to a couple different continents with it, and it’s never given me any trouble. I treat it well, and it treats me well. I don’t recall exactly how many, but I’ve taken at least 25,000 photos with it, probably more. I love it, but I’ve been reaching the camera’s limits. I wanted more.

New Camera on Its Way!

Well, after 4 years shooting with a Nikon D7000, I’ve decided that it was time to upgrade. I have been lusting over full frame cameras for a long time, but I sat down and went over some things, and I’ve decided to stay with Nikon’s top crop sensor for now.

Roundover and Sanding

Today I got around to sanding all the top edges flat. They weren’t too bad, but they did need a little work. Sanding is one of my, and I think anyone’s, least favorite parts of any woodworking project. I also routed a 1/8″ roundover on the top outside edge, just to give it a little warmer appeal.


Still need to sand the bottoms flat. I need to glue a piece of sandpaper onto a piece of wood, and then just flatten that way by hand. Pretty much from here on out it’s all by hand. Power sanders will take off too much material. I like to feel the wood as I go at this point, you get a feel for exactly where and how much you need to change.

Hinges are in the mail, and I should be cutting the tops off this weekend. Then finally I get to apply some finish.


Been a While

I find that interest in my hobbies is revolving. I’ll be really into one hobby for a few months, then get a little bored with it and move on to another, but I typically come back to each one at some point. Some periods last longer than others though. For example, I started playing guitar back in my teens. Was very into that. Due to certain life circumstances, I put it down for a couple years. Then, I started back into it and was playing daily, and in a band playing shows every weekend with 3 hour sets of music. Then about 5 years ago, I moved out of the area where that band was. I dabbled around with the guitar playing just for me for a couple years. But now, I haven’t seriously picked up my guitar in about 3 years. I’ve done a couple week-long stints, but nothing worth noting. I’m waiting for the day when it will come back to the forefront.

Now, photography is along those lines, albeit not as long. My camera has been sitting in its bag for two months now. In the roughly three and half years I’ve owned my Nikon D7000, this is the longest I haven’t picked it up. Maybe just laziness, maybe my recent interest in woodworking has taken precedence, I’m not really sure why. It’s not that I don’t like it any more, because I love creating images, it’s just kind of fizzled out. But the itch is coming back. I need to get back out there.

Anyone else do this with their interests?

Sides sanded.

Well, I got the boxes all glued, and should hold where they are now. It’s only been a couple hours but I’m pretty sure the glue is set. Hit them with the random-orbit sander, and now the sides are all flat. Have to make the top of the sides all flat, as they’re a little off, then cut the tops off, and add some hinges, sand a lot more, and then finish. Getting close, it’s exciting.

You can really notice the gaps in the closest joint on the walnut box. Overall, not too happy with the joints. The figure of the wood and overall design I really like though. Just wish I was better at dovetails…..


Starting to come together.

Got the bottoms on both boxes (as seen on the walnut box), and got the top on the maple box. Of course, this is all dry fit at this point. And those dovetails are just terrible lol.

To make the tops like that, I cut out a notch around the whole outside, leaving a 1/8″ lip, which was the same size as my slot that I cut in the box. Slides right in there.